Natural Holiday Decorations

The great thing about the winter holidays is that many of the decorations are natural.  The Christmas tree itself is the pinnacle of these decorations, but there are others, too: winter flowers, mistletoe, holly, berries, wreaths, and more.  Natural holiday decorations are inexpensive, because you can go out and find them in nature yourself, and they can be much more fun to assemble and hang up when you've created them exactly how you wanted them.

easy to make decorations

Wreath bases can run upwards of $20 at craft stores, so if you want to make a gorgeous wreathyou’re your front door and don't live anywhere near evergreen trees, you can go to a Christmas tree dealer and ask for some scraps to create a scrap wreath.  All you'll need are some well-preserved branches and some solid twine; bend the branches into a round shape, preferable around something that will hold the shape, and then tie them there with twine.  Then you can proceed making a decorative wreath as if you bought a store-made base.

 One common fundraiser item around the holidays is baskets or containers of poinsettias.  These flowers are brilliant in color and very indicative of the holiday spirit -- but to just buy them for yourself gets pricey pretty fast.  However, if you're helping out a good cause as well as buying yourself a gorgeous holiday decoration, you're essentially paying only half price for both things!  Support your child's school or youth group, or someone's charity organization, and buy poinsettias this December.

 Living somewhere that a Christmas tree would simply be impractical?  Hang ornaments on branches, which you can find yourself on the ground in the woods and then decorate your house with.  If you have a mantle, this is a great spot to put branches; or along the walls, or in a corner where a Christmas tree would have gone.  Be sure the branches are cleared of bugs and spiders and dirt before you bring them into your home!

 Should you decide that a Christmas tree is a tradition you don't want to pass up on, you can save a lot of money on this traditional decoration by going out to cut your own tree.  You'll need to live somewhere near a Christmas tree farm or an area of the woods where they allow you to chop down a tree (with or without a permit); take your family out for a day of holiday preparation fun! has more ways for you to save money on the things you want and need!  Come visit our great online community today.

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