You Know You're An Early Bird When

     Your children feel rewarded when you wake them up at 4 a.m. to join you.

·     A glimpse of a beautiful sunrise.The sound of pouring rain is one of the most disappointing noises to you in the world.

·    "Be Prepared," from The Lion King, is your pre-sunrise theme song.

·    You know you're getting old because you consider being an early bird to be sleeping in.

·    You have an almost military routine for Saturday mornings.

·    You are considering approaching your town's lawmakers with a discrimination lawsuit against people who turn away early birds.

·    You appreciate the early morning air because "you can breathe better."

·    Your internal clock has nothing to do with sunset or sunrise.

·    You consider following the times listed on a garage sale sign to be a passing trend.

·    You can't pause at a park during your garage sale routine, because they aren't open yet.

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