Ingredients for Shopping Success

A successful garage sale shopper must be a lot like a warrior or an athlete: besides courage and skill, he or she must also exhibit other qualities unique to the sport.  (Yes, garage sale shopping is a sport!)  What are the ingredients for shopping success, you ask?  The following is a rough list of the most important qualities you must have if you are to go out there and conquer the world of garage sales.

Shopping at a sale of fruits.

Perseverance -- You can never give up on yourself or an item you're looking for if you're going to be a successful shopper!  No matter how many duds of garage sales you have to sort through, you must maintain the belief that you will eventually find what it is you're trying to track down.  Perseverance may seem dogged and maybe even insane, but there are always new sales and new chances to snag an amazing find, so you would do well to never give up.

Tact -- A little kindness goes a long way!  A successful shopper doesn't march up to a yard sale and demand that the host point out the best items.  A successful shopper approaches the driveway courteously, pays attention to the signs requesting that he or she stay off the lawn, smiles hello to the host, and -- when it comes time to purchase an item -- haggles without anger or irritation.  For those times when you don't buy anything, you should still extend tact to the host and say thank you for letting you browse.

Awareness -- If you aren't paying attention to everything going on around you, you could miss out on the best deal of your day.  A successful shopper is aware of the items that other shoppers don't see.  Maybe that antique vase was too dusty for most people to approach.  Maybe no one was willing to bend down and look under the table to spot the box of old baseball cards.  Or perhaps people just didn't know that old book was really worth something.

Foresight and memory -- these two go hand-in-hand, and have to do with the items you already have.  Whether you're completing a collection or just buying for your home, you need to know what you have and what you need: foresight gives the insight to bring along the right equipment (maybe a truck, to move a couch) and to know what you're looking for, and memory prevents you from double-purchasing items.

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