Five Best Shoppers

Garage saling can certainly be an enjoyable experience on your own; sometimes you need to get out and clear your head, interacting only with strangers who have never participated in the drama in your life.  But cruising around in the car by yourself can get lonely, and if you're afraid that might happen, you should take someone (or a few someones) along.  Here are the top five best people to go garage sale shopping with.

A group going to a garage sale.

Your significant other, be it spouse, boyfriend, or fiancé, is a great person to take yard saling.  You get to spend time in their company -- both alone and completing an activity -- and during down times, you can chat about important things or menial things.  Stopping for a picnic makes a great date, as does the garage saling experience as a whole.  Plus, if you live together, it's a good idea to pick out important decorative items, like furniture or posters, as a pair, instead of one person bringing them home to find that the other very much despises them.

If you've got kids, they can be a blast to take along garage saling.  It's a great learning opportunity for the young ones, and you get the chance to be teacher for a day (if you don't already home-school) as you show them how to barter and buy wisely.  Kids might get a little restless towards the end of the day, but if you make the whole excursion an adventure, they can be very amiable and entertaining companions to have along

Of course, if you can go shopping with a good friend, never pass up the chance!  Again, you get some time along to chat about everything you were too awkward to cover over coffee, and the shopping itself becomes much more fun when you can share funny finds with someone whose sense of humor matches or compliments yours.  Taking a friend shopping for his or her birthday is great fun, too -- set an amount you're going to let them spend, on you, and then watch and help them make a collection of awesome presents!

Although the relationship of many with their parents is strained, you can use garage sales to spend some parent-child bonding time that is virtually painless.  Having an activity to distract you from having forced conversation is a great way to ease into an uncomfortable topic.  Those whose parental bonds are strong will love to go saling with their parents, because it's always nice to have someone with you who knows and understands your tastes -- and that second pair of eyes might spot what you would have overlooked on your own.

At a loss for someone to bring along?  Find a community member and get to know them through the shared experience of garage saling.  Maybe there's someone from your church, school, workplace, or neighborhood whom you'd like to get to know; invite them out for a weekend of shopping, and use both the conversations you have and the observations you make to get to know them.  (It's pretty easy to see someone's hobbies and preferences from what they pick out at yard sales!)

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