Buying Beauty Accessories

The practice of being beautiful runs pretty rampant in the U.S. -- even people who aren't overly obsessed with appearance use products every day to improve their looks to some extent.  Buying beauty accessories can really eat up your budget, so making the decision to purchase them secondhand may well save you a ton of money over the course of a year.  Here are some tips on plumping up your collection of beautification items via garage sales.

different styles of dangling earrings

Hair products are probably the easiest to find and purchase.  From ponytail holders to clips for your bangs to barrettes and more, hair products will get resold at very low prices (probably tossed into the 10¢ bin or even the free box).  When you're buying hair products, your primary concern is to make sure they are not broken, that you can use them without having to worry about pieces snapping off in the middle of a big presentation.

 Earrings are a bit more difficult to shop for, because they tend to disappear on the owner.  If someone has a box of earrings, though, you can happily paw through it and feel safe buying anything (knowing that you'll clean it later).  However, since there will probably be some mismatched earrings (just like socks!), don't buy just one unless you're trying not to match intentionally.  Otherwise, you may forget and then have a frustrated search around your home for an earring that doesn't exist at all!

 Nail care products can be bought at garage sales as well, though you're not as likely to find useful things as you are for the aforementioned products.  However, even half-used bottles of nail polish work just fine, and are probably significantly cheaper than buying a color you won't use very often as a brand new product.  Additionally, you can get files and clippers, so long as you follow the next step.

 No matter what you purchase, sanitize everything as soon as you get home.  You don't want to be putting someone else's ear discharge in with your earrings, combing someone else's lice through your hair, or rubbing someone else's fingernail scraps onto your hands.  Gross, yes, and also unavoidable if you don't make an effort to clean and even sterilize the items you've purchased!  Practice safe use of your beauty accessories; for the first use, at least, take as much care as you would if you were in a hospital.

 Buy your accessories from your very own neighborhood!  Use our free garage sale listings to plan your route this weekend.


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