Buying A Shyness Doll

You probably have never heard of a shyness doll -- that's because it's this blogger's personal idea for a way to help bashful children overcome their shyness.  But if you have a very shy child and are interested in getting him or her to be less timid, you may want to consider purchasing a shyness doll (garage sales are great places to do this, of course!) and going through these steps.

 A colorful doll bought at a sale.Any toy can be a shyness doll, from a plastic McDonald's Happy Meal toy to a giant stuffed bear.  Ideally, you will find a hug-sized, friendly-looking animal (like a teddy bear) that your child really connects with.  If you can, choose their favorite animal or character from a movie -- anything to help create a kinship between your child and the toy.  Garage sales are great places to find a potential shyness doll, because if for some reason your child doesn't take to it, you won't have spent a whole lot of money.  Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry any toys, particular stuffed animals, that you buy used, to avoid lice.

Come up with an anti-shyness mantra.  This can be anything from "I don't need to be shy!" to "I'm a smart kid," to "I want to talk!"  Choose something simple and empowering that your child will respond to.  Then, give your child the doll and tell them that every time they feel shy or are spoken to by someone they want to clam up around, they should squeeze the doll, say the mantra, and the doll will give them special powers (or the shyness will go into the doll; whichever you prefer).

Start introducing the doll into situations by role-playing with your child.  Take on the role of a stranger you're introducing them to, and ask them what they should do with the doll as they meet this new person.  Once your child is comfortable with the idea, take them to non-threatening places -- like garage sales, shopping malls, and grocery stores, or anywhere else that people are minding their own business -- and have them put it into action.  Make sure the doll comes with you everywhere so that it becomes a pattern, something comfortable for your young one.

As your child gains confidence and loses their shyness, slowly wean them off the doll.  Tell them the doll's power passed to them, and they no longer need to keep it at their side at all times.  Don't do this too soon.  Even if your child seems a little old to carry a toy around at all times, be certain that their shyness is gone before you take the toy away for good.  Encourage them to leave it at home on less intimidating voyages out into the world, especially with more familiar situations, like daycare or preschool.

Once your child is weaned off the doll, reference it as a triumph.  Don't let your kid forget about the mind-over-matter victory they achieved!

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Ray Wertis
Ray Wertis
3/6/2013 6:08:54 PM #

When it comes to confidence, I've got more than enough for two people already. I am overflowing with confidence and self-esteem. But I wasn't this confident before. I was this skinny, quiet kid who will just keep silent while everyone else was busy running, playing and chatting around the classroom. My approach back then was I will only talk if you talk to me first and you can see from just how I walk that I don't have much confidence.

I slowly faced my fears, started approaching people and learning to talk to them. When I graduated, I had no choice but to conquer my fears because how can I work I'm too introspective. You wouldn't recognize me as the kid you would bully when we were in primary school. Things change and so do people....

Gianna West
Gianna West
3/6/2013 6:14:40 PM #

A good way to train your kid to be confident is to make him/her practice in front of the mirror by talking to themselves. They can see themselves and you may be shocked that some people are not comfortable in seeing their reflection because they're insecure and don't want to face the truth about themselves. They always think of the negative aspects like I'm too dark skinned, I'm short, I'm fat, etc. instead of focusing on their strengths like their sense of humor, their talents in sports.

Their fear of rejection and shame would be so great that they would not even try to do the things because they're afraid to fail. At a young age, they should be nurtured and not be scolded when they don't meet your standards of a high grade. You should praise them and enroll him/her to summer schools to enhance their skills and at the same time, mingle with other children.

Hank Whitney
Hank Whitney
3/6/2013 6:21:14 PM #

Don't force your kid if he/she does the buy the idea of a shyness doll. You still have a lot of options to remove their shyness and replace that with confidence. By simply bringing him with you when you go out to malls, attend parties, or just go to a garage sale. He would be exposed to an environment that there's a lot of people which is what we want so that his fear of social interaction would be slowly desensitized.

As each week will pass by you can increase the intensity of the stimulus that you're giving to him. You can start by tagging him along but the next time around, you start introducing him to your friends and other people until there will come a point where it would feel natural for him to talk to other people. When that time comes, he would initiate a conversation even with someone he doesn't know of because of his new found self-confidence Smile

Destiny Widby
Destiny Widby
3/6/2013 6:25:42 PM #

I had a doll like that which my mom gave me when I was still little. I named her Stella. I always brought her to school, in the mall, and would sleep beside her. I was liked attached to her and I somehow had an imaginary friend of sorts. Through that, I got to develop my communication skills and honed them throughout the years that I've been with Stella. But as they say, all good things come to an end, I gave Stella to my niece because I now she will serve my niece better and she needs it. #iMissStella

Jean Lea Tan
Jean Lea Tan
3/7/2013 8:32:33 PM #

I'll try buying one for my niece. We really don't know what to do with her because every time we have visitors, she doesn't talk. When she is asked what's her name, she would just turn around and hug us.

Maybe some kids are just shy but I don't think that they should bring this quality until they grow up. It's very important to let them have self confidence and awareness of themselves to also grow up maturely and responsibly. That's why we are trying our best to let her overcome it.

Leanne Dane Normanee
Leanne Dane Normanee
3/9/2013 12:15:30 AM #

ging up a child is a major challenge for a parent. It is a very big responsibility and you,  as a parent, has a vital role. You are the very first person who sees their abilities and strengths and whatever issues they are facing, you need to help them overcome it. You have to help them build their self-confidence and enhance their sense of well-being

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