Bringing Home Yard Sale Purchases

Taking home the things you purchase from a garage sale can actually be a complicated process.  Depending on what you set out to buy -- or what you end up taking home without meaning to -- you may need some special equipment.  Follow this guide and take along whatever you may need, so that no matter what you end up buying, you'll be prepared!

Bring home yard sale itemsConsidering buying furniture from a garage sale?  If you own a truck, or know someone who does who would be willing to let you borrow it, you may want to go ahead and drive it to the sales, in case you find something you'd like to buy.  Garage sale hosts aren't always understanding about keeping a large item until you can go fetch a vehicle to take it away, so if you're already prepared to haul it off, they may be more likely to give you a discount.

If you're going to buy cups, plates, or other glass or fragile objects, you'll want to load up on newspaper or tissue paper to wrap the items in.  This will prevent them from clanking against each other and against anything else.  Wrap several layers of newspaper around little pieces that are prone to snapping off, and secure them with some masking tape.

Take along reusable bags to sort out purchases before you get home and forget what you intend for each item.  For example, you can put presents for others in one, items for yourself in another, and practical household items in yet another.  If you take your children with you, have them also put their items in a shopping bag, so they don't vanish all over the house or car.

If you choose to go walking to garage sales, don't leave your home without a large backpack.  You can put all sorts of objects in a backpack (especially if you bring some newspaper or tissue paper to make an artificial partition between them), and being able to put them on your back while you carry other parcels in your hands will allow you to take a lot more home, making a walking expedition much more fruitful!

Maximize your carrying space by stacking rectangular items on the outside and the bottom of the bag, then other things on top.  This will keep structure in the bag and not waste any space.

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Sheena Magwell
Sheena Magwell
4/9/2013 8:40:44 AM #

It's also very important that you just don't wrap glasses with newspapers outside but on the insides as well. This helps to keep your purchases intact.

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