Your Garage Sale Day as a Host

 Never hosted a garage sale before?  If so, you might not know what to expect as you prepare your things to sell to strangers!  This blog is full of articles walking you through how to prepare for a sale, and what to do with stuff afterwards, but many of the pieces assume that you've hosted a sale before, or at least know the basics.  Here's a step by step walk-through of your garage sale day as a host -- not the days leading up to it, but the day itself.

A busy host

The morning of your sale, wake up early and eat a solid breakfast.  It's going to have to last you through a lunch rush, so take care in choosing your food!  Then start carrying everything outside -- tables, chairs to set planks or doors on, tarps, everything to put items on; and then the items themselves.  Start placing everything in a general order -- perhaps clothes on a couple of tables near each other, while decorative items go together on another.

 Your first customers arrive and you greet them.  At this point, you're still setting up, so just let them browse around you, and tell them if they wait a few minutes or come back later, everything will be out on display.  Someone wants to buy something from you, but even though you put a $2 price tag on it, they are only offering 50¢.  You don't have to automatically take that offer!  Say you'll go down to $1.50, and they'll come up to a $1, and then you can take their money and make change (which you will have collected the day before).

 As the day continues, more customers arrive and you walk through your sale, making sure everything is in some semblance of order.  You may send someone to the grocery store to make more change.  Grab your pre-made lunch out of the refrigerator and eat while you sit at your sales table, keeping an eye on the rowdy children running circles around their parents.

 Your sale is drawing to a close.  Offer lower prices on your items, because at this point, you just want to get rid of everything so there's less to haul away.  Customers may return right about now to collect items they asked you to put on hold for them, along with a truck to haul away your old couch and a friend who wants to buy those lamps off you for half what you originally asked.  Take it!

 Clean everything up off your yard and driveway or garage.  That means all the trash that careless customers left, so nothing blows onto your neighbor's property during the next storm, as well as the leftover merchandise.  Figure out what you want to throw away and donate the rest, or at least put it in the car for future donating.

And that's it!  Your day will go uniquely, of course, because every garage sale is different, but that's the basic layout of what your yard sale will look like.


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