Utilizing Balloons

When you were a kid, did you ever go to a birthday party where a clown or magician tied you a clever balloon animal?  Or did you ever get a balloon at the zoo and cart it with you until it collapsed from lack of air a few days later?  Then you know the joy of balloons and the zing these colorful defiers of gravity can add to life.  Why not use that charm to add a little spice to your garage sale?

Green and yellow colored balloons

You'll need to find a helium dispenser (some department stores have them, as do most party stores), but once you do, you can attach a balloon (or two) to each of your signs.  These will draw extra attention to your sign in particular, so make sure that it's clear whose sale sign the balloon is attached to.  Choose a bright color -- or white -- and have it correspond with your sign color.  Don't draw the arrow directing the potential customer to your garage sale directly on the balloon -- it's too easy for it to get turned around.

You can tie a bunch of balloons to a garbage can or other large, heavy object to mark where your garage sale is.  This is especially effective if you put them on the signs, as people will be on the lookout for them.  Even if you didn't place them all over, moving balloons will attract the attention of passers-by, even if they aren't specifically seeking out a sale.

Give balloons to well-behaved children as rewards.  Pass them out when you ring up their parents (with parental permission, of course), and say that it was great of the child to stay quiet and on their best behavior while in someone else's yard.  You can even sneak in some advertising by writing your company's name on the balloons!

When you're setting up your sale, place some items strategically and tie balloons to the best deals, so that people will be drawn to check the price on that couch or browse the box of vintage cookbooks.  You can also use balloons to price large batches of items, by writing the price on the balloon and hanging it on the edge of the box or table in/on which all items are the same price.

Use balloons to mark sections of your garage sale, if you've split it up that way.  For example, blue could indicate a table of clothing, green could indicate book, yellow furniture, etc.  Place a color-coded map up front so that people are able to hone in on exactly what they came for without unnecessary browsing.

Have some more great uses for balloons?  Share them with us in the comments!  And don't forget to check out GarageSaleCow.com, where we've got lots more tips and resources to share with you!

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