The Offering of Candy

Ever been to a doctor's office, where the friendly bowl of candy is disarming and reassuring as you walk in?  You can have the exact same effect at your garage sale by giving out candy or another small treat to your customers and browsers alike.  Unless you're hosting a winter sale, though, you probably want to think about the type of candy you place out in the hot sun.  Here are some tips for offering candy at your next yard sale!

A ton of candies and chocolates

Well, one thing's for certain -- you shouldn't offer chocolate!  Leave it out in the summer sunbeams for even just a few minutes, and you'll end up with a sticky, nasty mess on your hands.  Even if you offer a hard chocolate-flavor candy, like Tootsie Rolls, you'll want to make sure they're parked in the shade and that the temperature outside isn't so high that they'll turn into goo anyway.

Jellybeans are an excellent candy to give out, for various reasons.  First, they're fairly inexpensive for a large amount of them, so you don't have to break your budget just to seem friendlier to shoppers.  Second, they're small, so people will linger at the sales table to talk to you and take another one or two.  Third, there are tons of flavors in most packs of jellybeans, meaning that even the pickiest candy eater can probably find something like in the mix.  Just make sure the jar is out of reach of little children, who will put their entire hand into the container and "contaminate" all the candies if you aren't careful!

Wrapped candies, such as butterscotch, mints, Jolly Ranchers, and Smarties, are all excellent summer candies.  You can buy them in large variety packs (sorting out, of course, the ones you like best!) for a range of choices and low cost.  Plus, you can pour them into a bowl and not fret about one customer's hand ruining the other candies.  Just be sure to put up a little note asking people to only take one each.

Similar to wrapped candies, lollipops are individually wrapped and can't be contaminated by dirty hands.  They're also much more difficult for children to choke on, so if you're worried about angry parents' lawsuits, maybe suckers are the way to go.  There are even sugar-free lollipops out there if you want to convince the healthy eaters to take a candy!

Gum is much more expensive than candy, but it lasts longer, too!  If you offer gum, do it on the first day of the sale, and tell people when you hand them a piece to think about your sale every time they chew their gum.  Who knows -- you could end up getting some repeat customers who couldn't stop chewing your advertisements!

An alternative to candy is flavored toothpicks; some people enjoy toying with something between their teeth as they think, and like a friendly restaurant, you can offer the toothpicks as a courtesy to antsy customers.

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Lora Mavil Laurent
Lora Mavil Laurent
4/4/2013 1:17:30 PM #

This is one good strategy. It's a way to hold on with your customer. If you offer them with certain goodies, these customers tend to like and enjoy being in your garage sale. Offering is already a sign that you are expecting and happy to have them. This gives you the opportunity then to have customers browse your items on a longer pace while they are chewing off the candies you've provided them. =))

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