Take a Break From Your Garage Sale

Much like a siesta, a garage sale lunch break is a pause in the busy day to refresh yourself and recuperate for the rest of the sale.  If you're thinking about temporarily shutting down your sale, or if this is a new idea to you, consider it carefully and make the right preparations before you just up and leave your sale for an hour in the middle.

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Why would you shut down your sale anyway?  There are some good reasons to do so, though of course the relevance of each of these will vary depending on the host.

Getting a proper lunch -- you can only do so much to prepare a meal ahead of time for yourself, and it may be too frantic a pace to stop and eat it anyway.

Getting more change -- you might run out of quarters and singles to give customers change, and need to run to the bank.

Attending an unavoidable appointment -- if the only time you could schedule your check-up is in the middle of your garage sale, you'll have to put it on pause while you go.

If you know ahead of time when you'll be shutting down your sale temporarily, put it on your signs and in your advertisements.  That way, people will know not to try to show up to your sale while you aren't there.  Instead of writing one big block time on your signs, put "8-11 and 1-5," or your own numbers; make sure it's clear that these are two separate numbers on the same day, and not the times on the two different days of your sale, if it's a multiple-day.

Protecting your stuff is probably a prime concern of yours, if you plan to walk away from your property for a while.  If you're holding an actual garage sale, you can just shut and lock your garage, and drag anything outside in temporarily.  If it's all on your yard, you could ask a friendlier neighbor if they'd be willing to keep an eye on things while you're gone.

Once you've returned, you have to start the sale back up, which will take some motivation on your part similar to when you first set everything up.  You'll need to muster up enthusiasm to interact with customers, as well as put out all the things you moved to safety while you were gone.

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Sophia Klein
Sophia Klein
4/9/2013 8:38:58 AM #

Everybody needs a break. It's proper that you should also give time to yourself to rest and energize. It's not an easy task and I think shoppers quite understand that.

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