Some Special Displays

Rows and rows of tables at a garage sale are a little boring, if not very useful for the host and helpful for the shopper.  But as a host, there might be items you'd like to display that need something a little more specialized than just another flat table.  Here are some special displays you can create and use to better show off merchandise and draw shoppers' attention to it, hopefully generating more sales of your old stuff!

different sizes and colors of shoes

 Shoe Display

Finally cleaned out your shoe closet and are ready to sell over pairs of everyone's gently-used footwear?  You can create shoe display by resting a plank over cinder blocks.  Don't use a plank that's too wide -- the approximate length of the biggest shoe you're selling will be the perfect size -- or it will simply be another table-like display that people have to bend down for.  This is an inexpensive way to make your shoes stand out from the rest of your clothing merchandise.

 Blanket and Fabric Display

Large lengths of cloth, such as blankets, unused sewing fabric, or towels, can be hard to keep neatly on display -- customers unfold them to see if they're interested in the item as a whole, and then toss them back unfolded to the table where they were once stacked neatly.  However, you can set up a clothesline and display these large cloth items in the open, where shoppers can look at every angle without making a mess.  Just be careful that the clothesline is far away from the ground, where it might choke shorter visitors.

 Delicates Display

For those pieces of clothing that you don't necessarily want the world to be pawing through, put out a laundry basket and tuck it under one of the clothing tables.  Put a sign on the outside of the basket, warning shoppers of the contents, and hope you don't turn around to see a child pulling out a pair of boxers and wondering aloud what the shorts are for!

 Valuables Display

For small, valuable items, such as jewelry or collectibles, you can borrow a clear plastic case that opens in the back from someone who owns a store (if you have a friend in the pawn business, for example).  Actually, any clear plastic case will work for this, so long as someone can't easily break into it but can still see what's inside.

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