Sale Wall Decorations

Decorating the walls of your house is fun.  Having that big, blank white (or colored) canvas stretch in front of you is an artist's dream.  Problem is, most conventional wall decorating options are incredibly expensive, ranging from traditional wallpaper to removable wall decals, and when you're on a budget, you may be tempted to just let the walls stay blank.  But there are solutions, and as usual, garage sales provide the answers!

A modern kitchen wall decoration.

Start by purchasing some Mod Podge from your local craft store.  You'll have to get this new, since if it's being sold at a garage sale it's probably dry and useless.  Mod Podge is, according to the manufacturer, "the original all-in-one sealer, glue and finish," so you can use it on just about anything, including walls.  Remember that if you put something on the wall with Mod Podge, though, it won't be coming off any time soon, so make sure you've got the placement down before you apply the stuff.

All right, on to the garage sale items you can use!  Coloring pages are great for decorating a child's room with, especially if you can find a coloring book with characters from their favorite show or movie.  Coloring books with some pages already filled in are generally cheaper (if not free) than unused ones, so be on the lookout for bargains.  Then cut out the characters, or plaster entire pages to the walls.

Dried plants make great wall decorations, with the application of a little Mod Podge.  Come up with a pattern to lay out the potpourri or dried leaves/flowers, and lay down a layer of Mod Podge.  Carefully stick the dried plants onto what will be the glue, then paint over with more Mod Podge.  This will give the leaves and flowers an attractive, glossy finish, and keep them from falling off the wall.  If you can, try to flatten whatever you use so that it has less of a chance to peel away.

You can use pages from old newspapers, particularly yellowed ones, to give a room a very vintage feel.  Yellowed book pages also work.  The concept of application is simple: much like coloring book pages, you can place them against the wall and plaster over them with Mod Podge.  However, if you do find a way to remove the newspaper, be warned that the ink will have stained the wall and it will need a new paint job.

There are other items you can get for your walls that won't require Mod Podge.  Paintings of a quality nature aren't easy to find at garage sales, but if you're looking for knockoffs, greeting card-quality pieces, or someone's personal artwork, then saling is actually a great way to obtain them.  Paintings of this sort look great in a bathroom or laundry room; they're a way to add a splash of interest to a room without needing to be of great quality because you're really going to study them.

There are lots of kitschy accessories, like singing fish, coat racks with quotes, and embroidered prayer squares that make their way into garage sales.  If you don't mind a splash of cheesy, you can buy these up and plaster them all around your rooms.

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