Protecting Your Money

The wind, a stranger's kid, a devious visitor, a crow, and your own youngsters.  What do these things have in common?  They may all have it in for your garage sale profits.  You can keep your money safe using a variety of methods, and it's up to you to find which works best for you and your garage sale.

A handful of hundred dollar bills.

Some garage sale hosts choose to wear a fanny pack, despite it being unfashionable.  The fanny pack lets you keep your money on you at all times without having to hold it, and if you sort your money in plastic bags inside the fanny pack, it's easy to make change quickly.  If you don't have a fanny pack yourself, try to find a friend who does and borrow one.

Businessmen and women might have a briefcase that they use to take to work.  Some briefcases have combinations, so for the really paranoid, this is a great way to protect your money even further.  You will still want to carry the briefcase around if you get up from the sales table, since the whole briefcase wouldn't be much to carry off and break into, but it's great temporary security and peace of mind.

Your pockets can serve as a place to keep your money, and if the pants you're wearing fit you well enough, it would be nearly impossible to pickpocket you.  However, using your pockets has a lot of potential problems.  If you have a hole in one of the pockets, you could lose the money without even noticing.  Trying to make change out of your pocket can be a long, fumbling, even embarrassing process.  Wads of money sticking out, once your pockets get full enough, might be seen as a tempting target for theft.  On the other hand, if security is what you want, right on your person is pretty darn safe.

Typically, garage sale hosts keep their change and profits in a money box of some sort.  From a flimsy shoebox to a compartmentalized jewelry box to what is virtually a small safe, the money box has long served hosts and been sufficient for keeping money safe from wind and theft.  If you go the money box method, choose one that is light enough to carry with you, should you lack a replacement to watch the sales table for you.  Anything with compartments is handy for sorting out the various monetary denominations, so don't rule out bead boxes!

Above all, the best way to keep your money safe and in order is to keep track of your sales.  You can do this with as simple a method as a pen and some lined paper, or you can go all out and make a sales-tracking worksheet.  Either way, this helps protect you from probably the biggest risk to your money during a garage sale: yourself.  Accidentally misplacing your money, or forgetting that you lent some to your kids, or spending it at your neighbor's sale next door, are all very possible and can lead to a small panic attack when you realize a good chunk of your funds is missing.

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