Post Sale Celebrations

Whew!  It's time to take a deep breath and let yourself relax a bit.  Everything that was going to sell has been sold, and you've hauled everything else to the charities and the dump.  Now you can finally breathe again, because garage sale weekend has come and gone.  Is it time to celebrate success?  Certainly!  Here are some great ways to wind down and maybe spend just a little of your hard-earned cash.

A group of friends going out.

There is always the pleasant option of going to a nice dinner, something you wouldn't normally splurge on -- a restaurant that's a step up.  Whether that's Taco Bell or fine Italian dining, portion off a bit of your profits, sit back, and enjoy the atmosphere.  If food isn't really your thing, you could always go out to a drink with friends (remember moderation, of course!), or just pop into a nice restaurant for some appetizers.  Wherever you choose to go, let yourself relax and savor the food.  It'll be a pleasant contrast to the rushing around you did all day.

Maybe you chose to hold a garage sale to encourage a lessened impact on the environment.  If that's the case, why not go invest in something green?  You could find out how much it costs to replace some of your electricity with solar power, or start growing your own vegetables, or make a plan for using less tap water.  There are lots of ways you can help the planet besides garage sales; check out this great resource for some ideas:  Don't be daunted by the name -- it's a way for you to help keep this planet clean and healthy for future generations.

Sure, your yard sale was great for bringing you together with your neighborhood, but you might be a little sick of it by now.  Do something that gets you away from your neighborhood, so you can return to it with a fresh perspective and no stress remaining from your hectic sale weekend.  Maybe take a day trip to a nearby beach, or drive to the nearest town for some up-tempo shopping.  Later, you can come back to your home base feeling like you want to be there again.

Use your money to take in an event, like a sports game, a concert, or a stand-up comedy show.  Live a little!  Experiences are so much better than things, and will last in your memory much longer.  Take your camera along to capture the event (if it's allowed; some places won't let you take snapshots during the performance or game), and if you can, bring along some old friends.  Reconnect and realize that all of those items wasting space in your house have turned into a grand time on the town.

Now that you've gotten the hang of bartering, how about learning a new skill you can barter in everyday life?  Teach yourself something fresh and interesting that you've always wanted to learn, and if it's useful to others, you can barter it for goods or services later on down the road!  Perhaps you have always wanted to make the perfect fudge, or learn how to properly use a needle and thread.  Learn!  Here's a great place to start:  As the page address says, the recession is as good a time as any to bolster your skill set.

Do you have any burning questions you want answered about garage saling?  Any topics you'd like to see blogged about here?  Please send all inquiries to, or comment below.  We'd love to get your feedback and answer your questions!

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