Handling Garage Sale Stress

Garage sale weekend is one of the most stressful of the year, barring major holidays and visits from the in-laws.  If you find that stress is an unfortunate side effect of a time that should be fun and freeing, don't just give in to it and fall into stress-related habits -- take a step back and conquer your stress.

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What are your eating habits under stress?  Some people stress-eat, packing their stomachs with way more junk food than they need in a year.  Other people stop eating altogether, causing their bodies to run off reserves they should not yet be accessing.  If you've been under extreme stress before, you can probably identify just how you react in these situations when it comes to food.  With that in mind, force yourself to take a step towards the middle ground.  If you eat too much, pre-package portions of food for yourself a few days before the garage sale -- from snacks to meals.  If you don't eat enough, schedule meals with other people so you'll be forced to take at least a few bites.

Yoga is one of the greatest ways to handle stress; practitioners swear by its powerful properties.  If you've never done yoga before, go to ABC-of-Yoga.com and brush up on the basic techniques they have listed in their helpful articles.  Even without a yoga mat, or even more than a few minutes, you can greatly lower your stress and help yourself to relax.  If you make yoga a regular part of your routine, you will find yourself feeling less under duress and more prepared to face whatever comes -- whether that's cranky customers or a crazy wind storm.  Similarly, breathing exercises can help you handle stress in the moment.  Stress-Relief-Exercises.com lists some great activities you can do just by stepping aside from your sales table for a moment.

There are, of course, some natural solutions to stress that do not involve pill-popping and pumping your body full of dangerous chemicals it won't need in a few days.  Herbal remedies like MindSoothe claim to support emotional health.  Though herbal supplements can be fairly expensive, especially those that are rumored to have such beneficial effects, you can take these periodically and relieve stress in all areas of your life.  They do not work instantly, however, so if you are looking for a faster solution, you might try brewing yourself a cup of chamomile tea or tea containing rhodiola or ashwagandha.  Even the act of creating the tea will help slow you down and make you focus on your actions rather than what is stressing you out.

You may be one of those who finds that talking to other people really helps you release whatever is causing you stress.  If so, network when it comes time for garage sale weekend.  Find friends who don't mind you venting and take them out to coffee, then tell them all the things that are burdening you.  This is a great way to get advice you wouldn't have otherwise heard from friends who are concerned about your health.  If you don't have friends who are mutual rant buddies, you can always purchase a blank journal and write away your worries.  A notebook is the greatest listener of all!

For more tips to help you plan and execute your upcoming garage sale, visit GarageSaleCow.com.  Don't forget to post a listing for free!

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