Five Best Garage Sale Hosts

You may not want to host a garage sale all on your lonesome.  It would, though, be a bit strange to just pick someone up off the street and have them help you with your sale.  Realistically, it's unlikely anyone would do that, but just in are the top five people to help you out on garage sale weekend.

Two smiling and happy siblings

Your spouse or significant other seems an obvious choice, right?  But it's true: working together on something really builds the bonds of your relationship, especially if it comes as a challenge to one or both of you.  Overcoming obstacles together can strengthen your affections for each other.  And, if a nasty customer situation arises, you can rest assured knowing your loved one is standing right at your side, ready to defend you.  Be careful putting too much emphasis on the sale, though, as a significant other may feel gypped if you promised them a weekend together but ended up just focusing on making money.

An older child can be a great help to you.  If you're a younger parent, your kids still living at home may delight in the challenge of aiding you with pricing, deciding on the best way to organize the items, and even taking a turn at the sales table while you get lunch.  If you hand over responsibility, it will boost your child's confidence, and give you both a chance to benefit: they get experience running a small business and an opportunity to make some money, and you can substitute some percentage of the profits for that month's allowance.  Older parents whose kids have moved out may find it a bonding experience to invite their children back to their homes to participate in a shared labor.

Bringing a good friend over to your house is always great fun, but we all know what it's like to spend too much time with one person.  Sometimes it's best to have shared activity that allows you to focus on something else if necessary, and also provides plenty of talking points if you find that conversation has lulled.  Maybe you're seeing an old childhood best friend for the first time in many years; avoiding awkward pauses has never been easier as you converse in between customers approaching the sales table.  Quality friends are always willing to lend a hand in whatever way you can, so if you're feeling overwhelmed, maybe it's time to turn to your social circle.

Make friends with a neighbor and host a garage sale together.  Instead of bickering over whose patch of yard runs between your two driveways, use it to host a co-sale and get to know each other at the same time.  Neighbors are great to host sales with because they can advertise to an entirely different set of people you couldn't reach, but who live within reasonable range, so you'll have twice as many local customers visiting your driveway.

We could all use a little sibling bonding time, right?  No matter your age, you can invite a beloved or a bothersome sibling over to help you sell your stuff.  You may dread the idea, but unless you're sure your brother or sister is going to sabotage your sale, the fact that they agree to it may be just the thing to spark up a friendly relationship again.  And if you're already friends, it'll be great to have someone to sit in the shade and reminisce with during lulls.

Who do you like to host with?  Shoot us an email at and tell us your stories.  The best ones could be edited and published as a future blog entry!

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