Chilly Weather Garage Sales

While most people close up garage sale shop by the time true fall weather rolls around, it is possible to still have a sale when it's cold outside.  Chilly weather garage sales don't even have to be miserable experiences, especially not for you, as the host.  If you're thinking of setting up your sale in the fall or even the winter time, consider following some of these steps to make yourself more comfortable while you hawk off your unwanted things.

A kid with an umbrella wearing a raincoat.Hold the sale in the garage if you can.  Even sales that don't actually take place in one's garage are called garage sales, but if you've got the space and you don't mind cleaning it out and letting shoppers wander in, it's one way to stay warmer -- both for you and for the customers.  A word of caution: if the weather is wet at all and your garage floor is slippery, you may want to consider putting down a tarp or some junk blankets so that no one slips and hurts themselves.

Keep a space heater at your feet.  You ought to have outlets in your garage, so it shouldn't be a problem to run a space heater up to the sales table (you might need an extension cord).  Position it so that your legs and feet are kept warm; you want to avoid getting numb toes, as that makes you more prone to injury and can eventually turn into frostbite if it's cold enough (though you won't likely be having a sale if it's that cold).

Wear gloves.  And don't just grab an old pair of mittens -- find yourself a pair of gloves that fit snugly against your fingers, so you can still count change without having to take them off every time someone makes a purchase.  If you don't have gloves that fit well enough for change-making, then find some that are big and warm and very easy to slip on and off, so it's not a big hassle every time you make a sale.

Put a blanket over your lap.  Unless you have a Snuggie, you'll have to use a blanket to keep yourself warm.  Drape it over your legs and tucked it beneath them, leaving a little slack at the top to put your arms into when you're not busy.  Since you won't be able to do much productively when sitting like this, you might want to bring out a radio or boom box and listen to some holiday tunes!

We operate even in the coldest weather!  List your garage sale on our home page any time of year, for no cost at all.

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