Alternative Ways To Pay Purchased Garage Items

As a garage sale host, you've got the power!  You can set your prices and barter as low or as high as you'd like to on items.  In fact, you can take any form of payment that you deem a fair exchange for your merchandise.  Maybe you've never thought of this idea before -- maybe you've always thought that real money was the only fair excahange.  In that case, why not check out this list of unusual alternative forms of payment, and then if you end up in a checkmate with a customer over a price, you can suggest one instead?

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Are you a frugal shopper who just can't get enough coupons?  If you're just determined to get rid of your junk and aren't looking to turn a huge profit on it, why not offer it up in exchange for coupons?  You can ask for the mid-week flyers, the Sunday paper ads, and the Valpaks of coupons that come in the mail every few weeks.  Instead of negotiating for a certain dollar amount, ask for a certain total value of the coupons.  If the person isn't willing to pay $5 for those shoes, suggest that they pay $3 and then give you another $5 worth of coupons.  Most people will quickly say yes, since it means they won't have to spend money on the item in order to save.

 Various services are also great bartering chips.  You might found out, for instance, over your chat as you haggle that the person is a hairdresser.  You know you are going to a wedding soon and want to have your hair done.  Don't charge them for those three DVDs -- offer them for free if they do your hair for free.  This tactic works best on people with small businesses, who would get all of the profits from their service anyway.

 Food is a wonderful motivator, for anyone.  You can offer up your secondhand items in exchange for someone's baked goods or garden produce, meaning you'll have to spend way less on your food budget for the month.  Often, gardeners have an excess of produce anyway, and are more than happy to give it to someone who will use it -- particularly if there's something in it for them!

 Companies often give away free tickets and other promotional items to their employees, leaving some folks with an excess of entertainment options they don't want.  You can exchange big-ticket items at your garage sale for free opera shows, basketball games, or concerts, or for merchandise with the logo of some obscure company (but hey, it works the same, right?).

 There's also the catch-all -- other merchandise.  If someone else has an item they're getting rid of that you'd like to have, offer a straight trade (or a trade with something else thrown in there to even out the deal).

 Where can you list your garage sale for absolutely free and get tons of hits?, of course!  Stop on by and have tons of people in your area flocking to your sale just by putting up a listing. It's that simple!

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