To Label or Not To Label

At a flea market, you don't always see items for sale labeled with a specific price.  Often, it's just a vendor sitting there with his or her wares in front of him, and if you want to buy something, you have to start by naming a price or asking them what they want for it.  As a flea market vendor, you have the option of labeling (or not labeling) your items before you set them out for sale.  Here's a pros and cons list for labeling, and at the end, you can decide what you want to do!

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Pro: People know how much to expect to pay for your item.  Some shoppers prefer to have an idea up front of how much they are expected to pay for an item, because then they can walk around and subtly compare prices to find the best deal.  Having your items labeled gives people a ballpark idea of where they'll have to come down from if they're going to haggle, also.

 Con: People assume a set price for the item.  When things have a price tag, it's usually in a retail store where the prices can't be changed.  People may assume that, because you have a price listed on the item, you aren't interested in haggling and will charge that set amount, turning some of them away if they think the price is too high.

 Pro: You can remember how much you wanted/needed to make on each item.  You may need to sell each item for a certain amount in order to turn a profit for the day, and having the price listed directly on the item reminds you of how much that is so you don't practically give your stall away.

 Con: You have to do the work of labeling.  Labeling is busywork, and not particularly enjoyable.  If you decide that every item needs to have a little sticker with its price on it, you have to make all those stickers and then put them on the appropriate items.

 Pro: People will see some prices as a bargain and be drawn to them.  Maybe you can afford to offer a really low price on those sunglasses or beach towels, and people passing by will see the prices and know it's a great bargain.  That will draw some shoppers right in to buy from you.

 Con: People will have to peel off labels.  Unless you use stickers that are both effectively sticky and don't leave residue on anything they stick to, people have to peel the labels off their new purchases.  This isn't so great for some items, and the residue left behind can cause lots of trouble.

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