Tips to Attract Customers

The busy setting of a flea market is filled with distractions for potential customers: the smells of greasy food, the site of bright merchandise a few stalls away, the conversation of their shopping companions.  In order to attract customers to your stall instead of anyone else's, you'll need to make your stall stand out from the rest, and that isn't always easy.  What can you do to attract the attention of customers and hold it long enough to get them interested in your merchandise?

different stalls with different merchandise

Informative signs are often missing from the flea market scene -- and for good reason: not everyone wants to actually explain what they're selling, or customers will snicker and walk right past.  However, if you're proud of your merchandise, be loud about it!  Proclaim exactly what it is you're offering, and a few reasons why it's important for potential customers to pay attention.  Don't use obnoxious sales words on an informative sign -- people will only take it seriously if you're serious about it.

 On the other hand, you can use buzzwords to snag the attention of passers-by in a jolting way.  Some of the most common buzzwords in the English language are free, cheap, rich, and new.  (There are others, but you probably don't want to use them in a family-friendly flea market!)  If you use one of these words in a big, bold font on your sign, people will be attracted to find out how your product will fulfill that one-word promise.

 Making a logo that is fun and explains your products' purpose, and people will turn their heads.  A logo is great if you put it on all of your products and then put a large one above your stall; anyone who has purchased your product in the past will recognize your logo and find your stall easily in the chaos.

 If you have a larger budget -- or if you happen to have an animal costume lying around -- consider having a mascot standing around to attract attention.  An amusing character will draw children, in particular, so this is great if you're selling products geared towards families.  You can also bring your pets with you -- nothing draws a crowd like a cute animal, and as long as your pet is well-behaved, they can keep you company all day.

 Have someone standing outside the stall, like in the mall, offering samples and information to passers-by.  This may annoy some people, but others will be attracted to the personal touch and step towards the stall to hear more.

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