Star in a Flea Market Show

You may never have considered a flea market as the key to your financial stability, or as a way to really raise some good money for your school, church, or organization -- but what if you could make some money on your attic treasures and star on TV at the same time.

stuff to be sold in a flea market

KPI is a New York-based production company aiming to start a reality television series for a major cable network, starring families and individuals who have treasures locked away in the unknown rooms of their homes and garages.  No matter which coast or state in between you live on, you could join the cast of this show if you've got something interesting to sell!

 If you're chosen, a real expert in flea market merchandise will come appraise your items and help you "separate your treasure from the trash," according to their press release.  Shooting of the show takes place over 3-4 days right at your doorstep as well as at local flea markets; the next few months (December through March) is when filming is scheduled to happen.

 Want to be considered as part of the cast?  Email Cara Weissman at, and don't forget to send in a photo and description of the item or items you'd like to get appraised and sell.

 And tell us all about your story, if you make it!  Send us an email at with your tale of flea market show success, and we'll publish it in an upcoming blog article.

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