Special Merchandise Displays

Displaying your merchandise in an effective way is critical to having good sales at your flea market stall.  Although you could go out and purchase tons of expensive, pre-built displays from professional salespeople, you can also create your own specialty displays and just as effectively sell what you're trying to sell.  Depending on what you sell, you'll probably want to use a different specific sort of display; here are some tips for using the right kind.

A display of necklaces in a sale.

Elevation is very effective for distinguishing some merchandise from the rest, or for "layering" -- which is placing, in order of where the customer's eye is drawn, the merchandise in the order you would like to sell it.  This may mean that your most expensive/highest quality items are placed on top, or it may mean you try to get rid of what you have the most of by placing it right in the customer's line of sight.  You can create elevation by using boxes and boards to make stacks of varying heights.  The great thing about making your own elevated displays is that you can shift them whenever you want to, and you won't be trying to disassemble an expensive, pre-made piece of equipment.

Jewelry is best displayed against dark fabric, like black satin (or something less expensive, like felt, if you don't have the funds for satin), on a slightly angled surface.  Elevate one side of a piece of cardboard and drape or secure the fabric on top of it, then pin the jewelry to the top.  Customers' attention will be drawn straight to the bright, bold colors and textures of your jewelry when it stands out so nicely on the black or dark-colored background.  For bracelets, find a way to suspend a paper towel tube wrapped in black fabric between two stands and dangle the bracelets around it.

Cubbies are small drawers or boxes that customers can dig through.  If you sell small items and are going for an "overwhelming" feel for your display, cubbies are a great way to go.  Just toss everything that fits into a general category into one box and let the shoppers paw through it to find the exact one they want.  The great thing about "disorganizing" your merchandise in displays like cubbies is that people will often have such a hard time choosing from all the treasures they find that they'll buy more than they intended to.

Locked boxes are good for items you're afraid will be stolen.  You can improvise by cutting a hole in a regular sliding display and slipping an inexpensive padlock through the holes; just be sure not to lose the keys!

Do you have photos of how you display your merchandise?  Shoot them to us at blogger@garagesalecow.com and we'll proudly show them off in a future article!

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