Hawking Your Flea Market Wares

"Extra, extra!"  Cries like this are familiar business ploys that have become part of common vernacular.  While you may associate hawking wares with irritating businessmen and women who just won't leave you alone when you say no, it's actually a time-honored method of selling your goods in an open market area.  Flea markets, farmers markets, and other open-air places of business resound with the cries of sellers pushing their businesses' products on wide-eyed shoppers; here's how to add your voice to the chorus.

a guy selling

Most important in hawking your wares is to take pride in what you sell.  If you're embarrassed by what your stall contains, you won't be able to muster the enthusiasm you need to successfully convince passers-by that they should stop and inspect what you have to sell.  If you feel that you truly enjoy what you're hawking, then it's time to come up with a slogan -- something short, catchy, and attention-grabbing.  Whatever you choose to use, practice on family and friends at home for a while before you take it to the streets, so that you don't feel strang or awkward yelling it at complete strangers.

 To distinguish yourself from the other voices calling about their wares, use an unusual voice of some sort.  If you can alter your voice just enough to make it sound interesting or different, people will notice and pick you out of the cacophony.  Put on an unusual accent, an extra octave or two, or a funny pacing.  Whatever you decide on, keep it consistent and cater it to what you sell -- in other words, you don't want a silly voice if you're selling a serious product.

 Make eye contact with people as they pass, then say deliberate messages directly to them.  When you catch someone's eye, more often than not, they will feel obligated to walk towards you and listen to what you have to say.  Watch for people who are looking around at the faces of the merchants -- they aren't afraid to come hear your spiel, unlike the people who walk around avoiding eye contact in order to avoid listening.

 If you aren't too embarrassed, make up a little ditty and sing about your wares instead of just calling about them.  It's like having a jingle on a television commercial -- it will get into the heads of the shoppers milling about, and your bravery will attract attention.

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