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Maybe it's spring fever, or maybe you're just itching to redecorate your home.  At any rate, when the urge strikes, go to flea markets when you're shopping for interior decoration -- among secondhand merchandise venues, flea markets are known for having some great unique and antique decorations you won't find anywhere else, some because they are handmade, some because they were limited edition.  There are a few things you should take with you when you shop for your home; here are some of them.

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Make a list of what you need vs. what you want.  Depending on what room you're redoing, you'll probably have some items you really need -- maybe a nightstand for beside the bed, or a new couch for the living room, or a hanging lamp for the dining room.  There will also be some items you'd really like to add -- decorative frames, new handles for your chest of drawers, or a mirror for the back room.  Make a list of everything, and then mark the ones that are critical, so you know what's important to shop for first.

 Bring supplies: you'll need a tape measure, the crucial measurements from your home, and paint samples that match the colors you are looking to use.  The tape measure will assure you that you're not buying items that are too big either to haul home in your vehicle or to place in your house.  The measurements will help with that as well, and also give you a better idea of just how much space you've got to place furniture and decorations in.  And the paint samples will make sure you don't clash any colors too terribly.

 If you have a mobile device that allows you to surf the internet, make sure you have it and that you've got some data on your plan to use it.  That way, if you encounter an item but aren't sure if you could get it cheaper elsewhere, or how much it's really worth, you can do some fast research.  Alternatively, you can ask someone to stay at home and access the internet for you, for those who don't have a portable web browsing device.

 Pay attention to how items are displayed to get some good ideas for your home, if you aren't sure where to start or how to arrange things.  Sometimes, those "model room" setups are actually very informative and can help you see how you want -- or don't want! -- your house to look.

 We here at love flea markets almost as much as we love garage sales!  Visit us and join our community of secondhand merchandise enthusiasts around the country.


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