Choosing The Right Background Noise

As you stroll through a flea market, a cacophony of noise greets you.  The voices of people talking, the music of street performers, and the carnival tunes from the rides outside mingle together to form a solid wall of almost comforting sounds.  If you're a vendor, one of the ways you can try to make your stall stand out is by choosing some sort of background noise to play at customers as they pass by, and to keep the atmosphere at your stall light and friendly.


 You'll need to obtain speakers or a boom box in order to make your sound stand out enough.  Just using a laptop's speakers won't even make a dent on the sounds outside, and you want something that will be audible amidst the other noises.  If you've got an outlet in the stall with you, you can put up speakers or the boom box and set them up on a counter, facing outwards for optimal projection.

 Pick out some acceptable music, something that won't be offensive to anyone but that people will enjoy.  Pop, classic rock, and country are all generally accepted types of music (though you probably have your own opinions about them!); classical or instrumental are good, too, but the volume is more variable on those types of music and may need supervision to be sure it's heard at all times.

 Play a radio station if you want a guaranteed safe option -- radio stations bleep out bad words and alter lyrics that could be truly offensive, so you don't have to worry about a song popping up with some swearing and unsavory topics as long as you're on a relatively family-friendly station.  Most cities have a classic rock station, and since many people know these songs, this is a good choice -- it'll draw people in if for no other reason than they want to relive their high school and college memories through music.

 If you don't want music, you can choose from other options.  Get a mix of peaceful nature sounds and play them as background to your stall -- this is great if you're selling something natural or something that would be considered "hippy."  You can also entertain people with a clean comedy routine on CD, or find some famous speeches and burn them onto a disc.

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