Exercising With Your Family

Exercise is a great way to bond with your family.  You get to spend time participating in healthy physical activities, and you get to do so while being around your family members.  While it may not always be the most ideal way to exercise -- you'll be dealing with different skill levels and abilities to tolerate physical activity -- it is a great family activity and you can do it for (just about) free (just about) anywhere.

family biking on the field

Biking gets you places, gets you in shape, and gets you moving.  Plus, when you have to stop for traffic or take a rest because that uphill climb was too much, you'll be standing right alongside your family members.  Start the family out with short, easy trails, and build up to more difficult ones.  Make sure that the little ones have proper safety gear and that if they tire, you can help them along.  You can even train for a bike race as a family; this is an incredible bonding experience and will build lasting memories.

 Organized sports may not exercise every muscle in your body, but they sure are fun!  Organize a weekly family game of soccer, pick-up basketball, or baseball that everyone can join in on.  Use time between football games on Sundays to squeeze in a game of touch football, and keep track of the scores over the course of the year.  You can even include your neighbors, along with your entire family, and get a communal sports league started.

 Yoga is made to help you relax, so it's an excellent method of starting off your day right, especially if you have tensions with members of your family.  Organize a yoga schedule and stick to it -- preferably in the morning, before the worries of the day can crowd in and take away your drive to meditate and relax.

 Walk or run together, and you can hold a conversation; this will not only get you moving alongside your family, but the time will go by faster if you have someone to talk to.  Of course, be careful to save your breath as you exercise, but take advantage of the time away from other distractions to chat with your siblings, parents, children, or other relatives.

 Even if the members of your family do different activities to exercise, warm up together.  Do your stretches in the same room and use that time to play verbal games or converse about topics of interest.

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