Tasty Banana Mixtures

Bananas are a great fruit for keeping around the house -- you can easily transport them with no mess for your lunch, as green or ripe as you like them, and they're also great in other recipes as well.  Plus, they're a source of energy for your tired body, are full of iron and calcium for better bones and blood, and contain fiber to restore your digestive system back to normal.  If you're not keen on eating bananas plain, or just want some variety, here are some tasty uses for bananas.

a lot of bananas

Banana bread is a classic quickbread that takes very ripe bananas -- so it's perfect when you rediscover those browning fruits sitting in your fruit basket, waiting to be consumed!  You can also convert the banana bread recipe into other forms of bread products, such as muffins; when made with bran and whole wheat flour, these are healthy, moist treats you can send your child to school with for a healthy boost.

 Banana pudding may not sound like everyone's favorite dessert, but when paired with Nilla Wafers in a classic back of the box recipe, you can whip up a tasty dessert that isn't overly unhealthy!  You can find the recipe at the bottom of this article.  You can also make banana pudding with cream cheese or non-fat yogurt, for super healthy options!

 Speaking of yogurt, let's look at how bananas can really spice up breakfast!  Slice a banana into thin "coins," and sprinkle them on top of your cereal; Cheerios or a similarly low-flavor cereal really take to the banana taste.  You can also mix them in with granola or trail mix, or put some granola in some yogurt and add banana slices for a parfait.

 Banana chips are most delicious!  They're incredibly sweet and pretty strong in flavor, so you may not like them even if you enjoy a fresh banana; however, many people do enjoy this sweet, crunchy treat, and it's a great source of energy in a trail mix!  It's hard to make your own banana chips, as they are deep-fried and then freeze-dried, but you can simply dehydrate bananas in a dehydrater if you don't mind an unusual texture and powerful taste.

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