Non-Food Coupons

When people think of coupons, they usually think of people standing in a grocery store line with a huge wad of little paper cutouts in their hands.  But coupons aren't all about food -- there are coupons for just about everything, if you pay attention and keep your eyes peeled for great deals.  These are the most common types of non-food coupons and where you can find them.

A restaurant offering coupons for discountsOpen up your Sunday paper, and you'll probably find a shiny insert with lots of colorful pages, full of manufacturer coupons for various household cleaning products, hair products, decorative collectibles, and feminine products.  Because these products go on sale rarely, and stores next to never put out coupons for them in their ads, you'll want to snap up manufacturer coupons when you can.  They're also prime candidates for coupon doubling, so be on the lookout for ones that don't have any restrictions at the top.

Pet food coupons are also found in those newspaper insets, as well as on past food purchases.  And one of the best places to get coupons for your furry friend's fodder is at product demonstrations.  Pet stores will often allow companies to come in and set up a table where they display their product and explain its benefits, and more often than not, they give away samples and coupons. Ask your local pet shop if there will be any demonstrations soon.

Okay, so technically, these are food coupons, but restaurant coupons are also good for the experience!  There are great deals to be had online for restaurant deals -- usually in the form of paying $5 for a $25 off coupon.  Watch out for sneaky deals, though, because to redeem many of these coupons, you must be buying a large amount of food.  They're great for large family get-togethers, however, so don't pass up on them just because you normally go to lunch by yourself.

During the off-season, theme park coupons can be had that get you into your local parks for incredible deals.  Even the big-name parks like Disneyland and Disneyworld have two-for-one details, or resident deals, when they're trying extra hard to get people to come to the park.  Check out park Web sites for more details, and sign up for mailing lists if you can.

Some of the best non-food coupons are percentage off coupons, which usually apply to anything you buy at a store.  Opening sales are great times to find these coupons, when a store is trying to draw in their initial crowd of customers.  Read the fine print to make sure that everything in your cart or basket is eligible for the deal.

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