Giving Coupons to Charities

There are a lot of great and innovative ways you can give to charity, even while you're on a budget.  One great way is to use coupons as a mean of stretching your charity donation; you can do so in a wide variety of ways.  You probably don't want to go buy a ton of coupon books for wildly expensive theme parks to donate to your local homeless shelter, but there are definitely ways that coupons can play into your charitable donations.

Donating money for charities

You can directly give coupons to shelters or charities that can use them to buy food for the services they provide.  Remember that coupons expire, so if this is the route you go, you'll want to make sure you drop them off at the charity in time for them to use the coupons.  If you go this route, you can collect pet food and pet supply coupons and donate them to a local animal shelter or rescue center.

Use buy-one, get-one coupons to purchase one product for yourself and donate the other to charity.  It may be nice to get two cartons of eggs for your family, but consider giving the second one (which you essentially paid nothing for) to charity.  These coupons are often on products like shampoo, soap, and other non-perishables, so they'll be good any time of year.

Cut out coupons you wouldn't normally use and save money on buying food specifically for charity.  Don't usually eat canned beans?  Snip those coupons out anyway, and then head to the store to save a bunch on beans you can donate to a good cause.

Have a fundraiser, then use coupons to stretch your donation.  Ask people to donate both dollars and coupons when they give to you, and use them together in order to make the money you raise go even further.

If you live in the city where homeless and low-income families live, start a soup kitchen from your home and only buy food to serve to others that you can save on with coupons.  Have your friends collect coupons and give them money to buy food if the grocery store has a limit on how many coupons you can use.  Then invite down-and-out people in for a warm meal.

We've got other tips for how to give to charity here at our blog, and you can list your charitable garage sale event at the main site ( if you want tons of people to find it.  Come join the nation's largest garage sale website for free!

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