Cheap Dates: Skype Dates

Living a frugal lifestyle but still want to treat your special someone to a wonderful evening?  No problem!  There are lots of cheap date options out there; it's a matter of making them happen!  You may feel pressure to take your date somewhere that costs way more than you can afford, but just remember -- if they don't have the spunk to try out something different and be willing to live life frugally, well, you may not be able to get along anyway.

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Cheap Dates are great for first dates, tenth dates, or I-can't-rememberth dates!  Whether you've been married for years or are just starting to get to know your significant other, these inexpensive outing options can be great fun.

 This time in Cheap Dates, we'll take a look at Skype dates.  For those lovers who can't be together and are separated by the long miles, Skype, a free communication program, offers an excellent solution to missing seeing your significant other's face!

 Sign up for a Skype account each.  Downloading the program is completely free, as are accounts, as are calls from account to account!  So long as you each have a webcam and a microphone, then you'll be able to communicate through the web as if you both had video phones or devices with FaceTime types of applications.

 Set a good time for both of you.  Work around your schedules to find a spot where you can chat for a good hour or so, at least.  This might be tough if you are currently in different countries or are on opposite coasts, but if you really want it to happen, you can make it work!

 Do everything you would do on a normal date, as much as possible.  Talk about everything, from the frivolities of your day to the serious issues you're going through.  Laugh about inside jokes.  Share funny online videos with each other.  Enjoy one another's company, even though you're only virtually in the same room.

 Come up with some fun activities you can do over Skype!  You can put on plays for each other, or play guessing games, or play a board game (one person sets up the game with two sets of cards, money, playing pieces, whatever, and then moves them according to the other's requests as they watch the game via video).  You can use some of the great ideas listed here. has lots to offer you as someone trying to live frugally in a tight economy!  Visit us today.

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