Cheap Dates: Dance Party

Living a frugal lifestyle but still want to treat your special someone to a wonderful evening?  No problem!  There are lots of cheap date options out there; it's a matter of making them happen!  You may feel pressure to take your date somewhere that costs way more than you can afford, but just remember -- if they don't have the spunk to try out something different and be willing to live life frugally, well, you may not be able to get along anyway.

a disco ball

Cheap Dates are great for first dates, tenth dates, or I-can't-rememberth dates!  Whether you've been married for years or are just starting to get to know your significant other, these inexpensive outing options can be great fun.

 This time in Cheap Dates, we'll take a look at dance parties.  An amazingly customizable date, a dance party in your own home is exercise, quality time, fun, and an excuse to make contact all rolled into one!

 Find an open space in your house.  If you have a basement, you can push the furniture aside and clear a space in the center; a living room without a coffee table or other large furniture also works.  You can have a dance part in a smaller room, too, but keep in mind you're going to have to stick close.  (That might be a good thing, of course!)

 Choose a style of dance that both you and your date can enjoy.  If you are both into a certain type of dancing, such as salsa, swing, or blues, you can go with that, or if you've never really danced before, go with "dance floor dancing," a general term that encompasses any moves you can do to techno and hip-hop music.

 Collect a sufficient amount of appropriate music.  You don't want to be cycling back through the same songs while you're dancing, so you want to make sure you've got a significant number of songs more than you expect to need, so you can put it on shuffle and not think about it while you're dancing.

 Keep some refreshments nearby, such as your date's favorite soft drink or alcoholic beverage (for those who are of age), and have fun!  Really throw your heart into the dancing; be silly and enthusiastic, or, if your significant other agrees, be serious and practice your steps to perfection. has lots to offer you as someone trying to live frugally in a tight economy!  Visit us today.

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