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This week, we'll take a look at Scholarship America, an organization that makes secondary education possible for students who would otherwise be unable to afford it through generous gifts from sponsors and donors across the country.

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Scholarship America was started in 1958 by Dr. Irving Fradkin, an optometrist in Fall River, Mass.  He wanted to see every college-age member of his community be able to pay for educational opportunities, and called his project Dollars for Scholars.  This was the forerunner to today's Scholarship America -- which has given out more than $2 billion in scholarships to 2 million students across the nation.

 Scholarship America boasts the title of the nation's biggest non-profit, private-sector educational support organization, and strives to live up to that title.  The group does much of its work with local organizations by assisting them in fundraising for scholarships that will go towards community members.  Scholarship America wants to mobilize the country through scholarships and educational support, and they have thrown all their weight into that mission.

 Here are some of Scholarship America's main programs and their purposes:

-       Dollars for Scholars -- yes, it's still around! -- is a coalition across the country of local scholarship organizations with their roots in community.

-       ScholarShop, a program divided into four sections, prepares pre-college students for higher education through awareness and parental involvement.  ScholarShop Jr. and ScholarShop Options are for younger children and involve interactive games, while ScholarShop Sr. prepares junior high and high school students for college; ParentShop gives parents of future students an idea of what to expect.

-       Collegiate Partners is a partnership of financial aid departments across the nation that have agreed to maximize Scholarship America scholarship, some by matching the amount and others by incorporating them in the most helpful ways.

 If you would like to help send young people to college to get the valuable education they need to survive in the work world, use the link below to send off money you've collected.  Holding a garage sale for an educational support organization like Scholarship America is a great way to raise funds, especially since many teachers and homeschooling parents shop at yard sales and appreciate the value of education. 

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