Preparing Yourself for Auction Day

It's time to go to the auction  house!  But wait...have you gathered everything together and prepared yourself for a long, hard day of bidding?  Here are some tips for preparing yourself for auction day and making sure you've got everything in order before you step out the door. 

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Get a good night's rest.  You're going to expend a lot of energy -- even if all you do is sit in your chair and stress over when they're going to start the bidding on the items you want -- so you'll need a good night's sleep before you can declare yourself ready to hit the auction house.  Be sure to set an alarm for an hour that gives you plenty of time to get up and get ready before you head out, and if you think you'll sleep through it, then set more than one alarm.

Bring some energy food.  What kind of snacks or lunch items give you energy?  Bring some of those along with you.  You may respond best to nuts, dried fruit, bananas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, deli sandwiches, hot dogs, greasy chips, or something else entirely.  The point is, you know your body best, and you can determine what food(s) will give you an energy boost if you start feeling dragged down by the action at the auction.

Do your research ahead of time.  If you've heard tell that a certain item will be up for sale and you're going to see if you can get your hands on it, make sure you've done thorough research about it.  Is it genuine?  Who's selling it and when?  How much can you expect to start bidding at?  Pay particular attention to items at auction houses you aren't familiar with, because those are the ones you may find out are sketchy.

Take a way to transport the item with you.  Maybe you're bidding on a horse or other large animal; in that case, bring a trailer.  If you're bidding on a new car, well, the transportation takes care of itself, but if you're bidding on an antique armoire or dresser, you'll need a truck to haul it off.

What does your auction day routine look like?  Do you have a regular one, or do you just make it up on the fly?  Tell us all about it -- email us at -- and we'll potentially post your story in the future!

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