Participating in a Celebrity Auction

Whether you're setting one up or buying from one, a celebrity auction can be a ton of fun!  It's a great way to raise money, since people will pay exorbitant prices for anything having to do with famous folks, and if you're interested in that kind of memorabilia or interaction (or know someone who is), it's a cool place to treat yourself or get a present.  Participating in a celebrity auction takes a bit of know-how, though, so here are a few pointers.

the host

If you're setting up a celebrity auction, probably for a charitable cause, you'll need to make sure you've got lots to sell.  We don't mean lots like a ton, but lots as in items or events that celebrities are willing to give you.  Contact the publicists and agents of athletes, actors, writers, artists, and musicians -- both local and national -- and see if they or their clients are willing to donate things.  You can ask for specific items, such as props from a movie or TV show they were involved in or game-used memorabilia, or you can request that they give you permission to promise the winner that they can spend an afternoon or meal with that celebrity.  Don't give away anything you haven't been promised in writing or are holding in your hands, or you could get into some serious legal troubles!

 If you're buying from a celebrity auction, be sure to get there early (or check online ahead of time) so you can see what you might be interested in bidding on.  Narrow it down to only a few things, as the prices will skyrocket very quickly once the auction begins, and you don't want to have money out there on too many different lots or you won't end up with any of them.  Set a cap for yourself for each item, and don't exceed it!  Get your bids in late so people will be more intimidated by a higher price.

 If you're hosting an auction for charity, see if you can contact some local celebrities (or celebrities you have some connection to) and ask them to come help out.  Be sure to explain your cause thoroughly, so they aren't scared away by vague descriptions.  People are much more likely to attend if there's a big name hanging around, signing autographs or even just saying hello!

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