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If you're just now stepping into the world of auctions, it can be a very daunting process.  Finding where auctions are in your area is the first logical step, even before you brush up on auction lingo and learn how to successfully bid -- after all, if you can't get to any auctions, there's no use in figuring out how to work them.  While auctions are no longer a primary method of buying and selling goods, they are still fairly popular across the country, so you shouldn't have a huge amount of trouble tracking down an auction or two in your locale.

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As with just about anything these days, the internet holds a plethora of information about local auctions.  You can browse the websites of community newspapers to see if they have anything listed in the classifieds, check craigslist for advertisements, and visit auction listing sites -- like AuctionZip.com -- for the latest individually-listed auctions in your area.  AuctionZip.com is very helpful in that you can punch in your zip code and search within up to a 500-mile radius for auctions others have posted.  You can specify what type of category and some keywords, too, if you want.

Flyers appear in community centers, local stores, and bulletins outside of libraries, with all the information about an auction you'd ever need before attending it.  Keep your eyes open when you go to well-visited public locations, especially those with bulletin boards available for free postings, to see if you can't spot someone's auction flyer.  You'd be surprised at the places people will try advertising, so if you see a bulletin board in the distance, don't hesitate to go over and check, no matter how unlikely the location.

Although social networking has somewhat replaced word of mouth communication, you can still gather a lot from talking to people in real time.  People who are selling items at auction might coerce family and friends into dropping hints about the sale during everyday conversation, and if you seek out that information, you could be surprised by what you find.  Even if people are using the internet to locate items, having them give you a call if they spot anything you might be interested in is faster than you having to discover it for yourself!

If your area has an auction house, give them a call or drop by to see if you can't pick up a schedule of upcoming auctions.  If you can, get on their e-mail list or schedule a monthly phone call to find out what they're selling and when.  Not all auction houses will have set schedules, as some things are penciled in at the last second, so stay current with your updates.

How do you find out about auctions?  Do you have a super-effective system?  Would you like to share it with us?  Cause we'd love to hear about it!  Email us at blogger@garagesalecow.com and maybe we'll talk about your system next time we blog!



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