• Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Playing to Your Strengths

    When you're in the planning and set-up phases of hosting a garage sale, don't forget one very important thing: your garage sale is yours.  You get to decide how things go, at least as far as the variables you can control are concerned.  And if you have certain strengths or weaknesses, you ...
  • Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Show Prompts

    Tips and Advice It's completely free to use GarageSaleCow.com, which is great because newspaper ads can cost more than $20 these days, and we reach a group of people who are specifically interested in knowing where your sale is. If you hear there's rain coming the weekend of your sale and you decid...
  • Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Selling Your Artwork at Your Garage Sale

    For an artist, getting exposure for your work can be the toughest part about making any money off what you love to do. Selling your artwork at your garage sale isn't going to be a "fast cash now" scheme by any means, but it will put your name and your style out there for people to peruse. Although m...

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