• Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    How to Sell DVDs

    It's true that you can get a pretty penny for those DVDs you don't want anymore by selling them online.  However, due to the relatively fragile nature of a disc, you have to ensure that your product is properly packaged before you ship it off to the recipient, and unless you use PayPal shipping...
  • Garage Sale Hosting Tips

    Using Social Media to Promote Your Sale

    These days, there are articles and even books chock full of tips on how to use your social media networks to promote your business -- big business, small business, home business.  Here's the good news: a garage sale is a business too!  And many of the tips that apply to advertising any oth...
  • Garage Sale Shopping Tips

    Getting the Best Deal

    After the initial greeting of a host as you approach his or her sale, there's often not much to say unless you have a specific question for them.  In order to butter up the host and get a better deal on whatever they later buy, some customers will sidle up to the sales table and strike up a con...

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